WAMU #1 In Latest Ratings

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As usual, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY N/T WAMU was #1 and in double figures (10.7-11.3).

HUBBARD News WTOP was in its customary #2 position but with its highest mark in over a year (8.2-9.5).

HOWARD UNIVERSITY Urban AC WHUR was back as the leading music station at #3 (7.4-7.6).

Thanks to its best outing in over a year, AUDACY Classic Hits WIAD (94.7 THE DRIVE) cruised from #9 to #4 (4.1-5.1).

URBAN ONE Urban AC WMMJ (MAJIC 102.3/92.7) repeated at #5 (4.9-4.7)

iHEARTMEDIA AC WASH slipped to #6 with its smallest share in over a year (5.5-4.4).

In a surprising turn of events, WTOP became the cume leader thanks, in part, to a 2.4% increase (703,500-720,400). It was assisted in that effort by WASH’s 10.4% decrease. The market was down by 2.5%.

Sometimes, just showing up is all it takes. iHEARTMEDIA Alternative WWDC (DC101) was flat 25-54 but moved up to capture the demo flag.

WAMU was also flat as it rose from #4 to #2.

WASH dipped to #3 with, again, its lowest mark in over a year.

WHUR inched up to #4 with a slight decrease.

WIAD drove from #8 to #5 with its best book since DECEMBER.

URBAN ONE Urban Contemporary WKYS fell from #1 to #6 with its lowest score since SEPTEMBER.

WAMU was flat 18-34 as well, but that did not stop the station from finishing in first place for the sixth straight survey.

ATLANTIC GATEWAY Contemporary Christian WGTS came close to doubling its previous share as it vaulted from a tie at #8 to #2. The stations were separated by less than a half-share.

iHEARTMEDIA Pop CHR WIHT (HOT 99.5) stood alone at #3 with its best outing since JANUARY.

WIAD leapt from the #8 tie to a tie at #4 with iHEARTMEDIA Classic Rock WBIG (BIG 100), which moved up from #6 with its sixth up book in a row.

WKYS fell four places to #7, while AUDACY Rhythmic CHR WPGC dropped from #2 to #8. WASH fell from a tie at #3 into a pairing at #9 with WWDC.

They rearranged the deck chairs on the 18-49 cruise ship.

WWDC rose to #1 with a small decrease, while WAMU was up two slots to #2 with a small increase. WASH dipped to #3, while WIAD’s Cinderella story continued as it jumped from #7 to #4. WIHT inched up to #5 with a slight decrease. WKYS fell from #1 to #6. 

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