Mystery Solved: Why Channels 7 & 9 Are Going Off-Air

Yesterday, DCRTV reported that Channels 7 & 9’s broadcast signals were going off-air between 9 – 5 this coming week. Today we learn why.

TV stations: WJLA, WUSA, and WHUT, as well as radio stations: WASH, WLVW, WCSP, WHUR, are all on the same tower on Wisconsin Avenue in the Tenleytown section of DC.

There’s a problem with the WASH-FM transmission line, and the only way the engineers can diagnose what the issue is is to take the TV stations off the air.

The working theory is that the transmission line may have been hit by lightning. But, the engineers won’t know for sure until they start working on solving the trouble.

The radio stations may be affected, but the engineers don’t know at this time.

More as we hear it.

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