Tower Work Continues…

Here’s the latest on the tower work:

Engineers lost time with the rain on Tuesday and will need more time to complete the repair work. They hope to have everything completed over the weekend.

In addition to WJLA, WUSA, and WHUT’s downed over-the-air TV broadcast signals, the radio stations also can not broadcast from the tower during the day.

WLVW has no backup tower location and has been forced off the air during the daily 9 – 5 work period.

WCSP, WASH, and WHUR radio stations have been broadcasting from auxiliary sites and switching back to the main tower after 5 PM, when work wraps up. They are also only broadcasting their analog signal; they are not broadcasting in HD.

WCSP informed DCRTV that they are currently broadcasting from a backup tower in Arlington. Some listeners in outlying areas have reported reception issues, but the signal in most of the DC area is as strong as usual.

WCSP also reports switching the broadcast between towers has been seamless and is most likely not noticeable to most listeners.

WASH Is broadcasting from the DC101 tower on Brookville Road. They have a full-frequency backup location, likely experiencing no reception issues.

Over the weekend, DCRTV reported the issue was with the WASH transmission line. WASH, WHUR, and WLVW actually share the troubled transmission line. WCSP Is on its own transmission line.

More as we hear it…

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